Does your child suffer from distressing allergies? Seasonal or environmental allergies are quite common in our youngsters, but they shouldn’t be! No one should have to live life constantly sniffling, sneezing, or itching. If your child is fighting allergies and nothing seems to be working, there’s one crucial cause you need to investigate.


Far more damaging than needing a constant supply of tissues are the hidden, insidious symptoms. Have you ever noticed that the worse your child’s allergies are, they worse their behavior becomes? That’s no coincidence. Irritability and even depression are actually symptoms of allergies, just like a rash. Children are especially susceptible to letting their allergy-driven frustrations get the better of them, as they are still learning to regulate their emotions and behavior even on a good day!


And can you blame them? When they’re in constant discomfort, it’s no wonder our little ones are cranky and uncooperative. Other children may begin to exhibit different symptoms, such as fatigue, hyperactivity, night-walking, and difficulty concentrating. It’s hard for children to focus on schoolwork when their sleep quality is suffering and they’re always feeling under the weather.


It’s clear that allergies and sleep are linked – if you’re suffering from allergies, it’s hard to get a good night’s rest. It’s even been shown that garden-variety allergies can worsen or serve as a risk factor for Sleep Disordered Breathing. What might be less intuitive is that compromised sleep can actually create allergies where there were none.


Children who are suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) often breath out of their mouths at night in an attempt to get the air they need through a compromised airway. Mouth breathing may seem harmless or even cute, but it’s actually forcing your child’s delicate tonsils to filter the air that they breath, which means each and every allergen and irritant is becoming lodged in their throat. The more your child struggles to breath, the worse the allergies become. It’s a recipe for creating terrible, chronic allergies and has a domino effect in creating all kinds of negative symptoms.


Luckily, once you know the true cause, this problem is very easily solved. The Healthy Start program can help correct your child’s breathing easily, naturally, and painlessly. As soon as a child’s airway is gently corrected to allow proper airflow and the child is re-trained to breath through their nose, the troublesome allergies and all the associated symptoms simply vanish.


With Healthy Start, there may well be no need for your child to live with allergies at all! Instead of stocking up on tissues this Spring, it’s time to schedule a free consultation with the certified experts at Central Dentist.