Holistic dentistry is a growing interest in the field of oral care, with many people curious to learn what it’s all about. It’s also known as natural or biocompatible dentistry because it doesn’t use chemicals and human-made materials that could potentially pose a health risk. This overview can help you understand this type of dentistry a little better so you can determine if it’s something you want to try.


How is Holistic Dentistry Different?

Traditional dental care addresses problems as they emerge and treats each issue individually. While this effectively treats specific problems, such as gum disease or a broken tooth, it doesn’t address the underlying cause of those problems. Holistic dentistry tries to identify the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues contributing to oral health problems. By addressing other aspects of your health, holistic dentistry attempts to prevent future problems from occurring.


What Are the Benefits?

As it’s still fairly new, there isn’t much research on the long-term benefits of holistic dentistry. However, it provides the opportunity to move away from treatments that may adversely affect overall health, such as mercury or fluoride. Instead, alternative treatment options that use natural products are available.

Holistic dentistry also uses biocompatible materials, which are materials that are engineered to coexist with human bone and tissue more effectively. This reduces the risks of infection and swelling. The whole-health therapies used with this type of dentistry can also improve the overall quality of life in addition to helping to resolve oral health issues.


Will Insurance Pay for a Holistic Dentist?

Currently, it’s rare for an oral care specialist to market himself as a holistic dentist because most people still won’t understand what that means. It’s more common to find a traditional dentist who offers holistic services. This makes it easier to get insurance coverage for holistic treatments since this all falls under the services dental insurance covers typically. If there’s doubt, your dentist will be able to tell you which holistic services won’t be covered.


It may take some time to find a holistic dentist to treat you, but the benefits their services provide may make the search worthwhile. As more people seek out holistic dentists, these services will expand to meet the increased demand. In the meantime, you can be among the first to enjoy the advantages that this type of oral care provides.