Dr. Jill Rosellini Ombrello

Dr. Jill Rosellini Ombrello is an accomplished dentist and business owner whose practice provides comprehensive and esthetic dental care to families.

Dr. Jill Ombrello and her team at Central Dentist offer a diverse assortment of services, including early intervention orthodontics, periodontal therapies, treatment of sleep apnea, implants, TMD therapy, and cosmetic smile makeovers. She founded and runs Onsite Dentists of Texas, PLLC, which accommodates patients incapable of traveling to a traditional facility by bringing comprehensive care to them.

jillombrello-centraldentistDr. Ombrello is particularly passionate about improving the lives of children, and she specializes in sleep-disordered breathing and habit correction for children aged two to twelve. Many parents are surprised to learn that as many as nine out of ten kids struggle sleep-disordered breathing, which manifests in surprising ways. Often, healthcare professionals misdiagnose symptoms, like trouble focusing or mouth breathing. Through a few simple adjustments, children who might otherwise be put on medication can enjoy a good night’s rest, and they soon find many of their issues resolved.

As a fourth-generation dentist, Dr. Ombrello deeply appreciates the incredible opportunity to support family health, both locally in Dallas and on a global scale. As such, she is a longtime advocate for Healthy Start, a progressive system designed to improve the wellbeing of children by educating and treating the root causes of certain conditions caused by Sleep Disordered Breathing. Healthy Start can dramatically reduce the incidence or impact of ADD/ADHD, bedwetting, snoring, hyperactivity, allergies, thanks to an innovative, non-invasive procedure that straightens teeth for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Before she became Dr. Ombrello, the young Jill was herself a Healthy Start participant. The daughter of Dr. Rosellini, a highly respected dentist devoted to his community, she recognized early on the close relationships her father developed with his patients, connections that flourished far beyond his office. Dr. Rosellini treated his patients like members of his family. Today, Jill treats many members of the next generation of these same patients’ families, a privilege she cherishes. That’s why she continues to advocate for the Healthy Start program all over the world. A proud mom, Dr. Jill Ombrello even treats all three of her young kids with Healthy Start appliances.

9 out of 10 children exhibit symptoms that can be treated with the Heathy Start System, although they often go unrecognized and undiagnosed.


Could your child be suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing?


Dr. Ombrello travels both domestically and internationally as a highly-regarded speaker and trainer for other dentists looking to adopt her best practices in successfully implementing the Health Start treatment series. In addition to hosting lectures, she even offers hand-on patient interaction seminars to showcase the fantastic promise of Healthy Start’s early intervention orthodontic treatments. Dr. Ombrello recently completed an engagement in Ecuador, where she trained and certified almost two thousand dentists. The Healthy Start program, backed by decades of data, has helped millions of kids. Dr. Ombrello takes great pride in her role as the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s preferred provider.

Dr. Ombrello is a strong advocate for public health dentistry, and she has provided care in underserved areas of Texas, rural villages of Alaska, and more. She also donates her time and dental services to the Genesis Women’s Shelter, where she offers top-tier care for the victims of domestic abuse.

Dr. Ombrello holds a B.S. in Exercise Science at Saint Louis University, where she also played Division I field hockey. In 2008, she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Outside of work, Dr. Jill Ombrello is an active member of her community. She serves on the Board of Alumnae at The Hockaday School and regularly attends Christ the King Catholic Church. Dr. Ombrello is also a dedicated soccer mom and cheerleader for her whole family. She enjoys travelling with her husband and three beautiful children, as well as gardening and taking care of the chickens she keeps in her backyard.

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